To the natural Simple Life !

Location : 620-1 Meal-dong, Ilsan-dong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Site area : 2,309.8 m2

Architecture total area : 30,162m2

Program : Apartment houses, offices, and commercial facilities

Design Period : 2023.11 - 2024.12

Construction Period : 2025.03 - 2027.11

Developer : Aresforest

Design : Natural Sequence Architects Corp.

Client : Kangwon Wire&cable. Co. Ltd




SITE Analysis
Presentation to Business Owners
Presentation to Business Owners
Study Model, scale : 1/150


Economic Review and Master Plan Presentation

경제성 검토 및 마스터플랜 프리젠테이션

2024. 6. 24


작년 11월부터 시작해 올해 4월이 지날무렵,

경제성 검토를 끝내고, 본격적인 계획설계단계에 들어섰다.

몇 번에 걸친 매스스터디를 거쳐, 전반적인 MP가 구성되었고,

다시 스페셜한 공간경험을 위주로 공간의 시퀀스 구성이 이루어지고 있다.

이제 이번 프로젝트의 핵심인.

공간브랜딩에 대한 작업을 본격적으로 시작할 예정이다.



맨하튼에 시그램빌딩이 세워진 이후,

우리의 모든 역량과 에너지를 담아

이를 넘어서는

미래를 여는 새로운 라이프스타일을 만들 수 있을까?




It started in November last year and around April this year,

The economic review has been completed and the planning stage has begun in earnest.

After several mass studies, the overall Master Plan was formed,

Again, the sequence of spaces is being organized around a special space experience.

Now, the core of this project.

Work on spatial branding will begin in earnest.

In 1985,

Since the Seagram Building was built in Manhattan,

With all our capabilities and energy

beyond this

Can we create a new lifestyle that opens up the future?




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